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ZOO & Wild Animal Park - Official webpage by Zoological Society of San Diego  http://www.sdzoo.com/zoo/homepage.php3
ZOO  - by CitySearch   http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?id=162339&fid=21&cslink=cs_hotels_visitors_1_2
Wild Animal Park  - Official webpage by Zoological Society of San Diego http://www.sdzoo.com/wap/homepage.php3
Sea World  -  Official webpage   http://www.seaworld.com/seaworld/ca/index.html
Sea World  - by CitySearch    http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile/86272?cslink=cs_hotels_visitors_1_0
- by CitySearch   http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile/91886?cslink=cs_hotels_visitors_1_1
- Official webpage   http://www.lego.com/legofinder/legoland.asp
- Official webpage, 714-781-4565  http://www.disneyland.com
Universal Studios Hollywood  - Official webpage, 400 acres of fun, 818-508-9600   http://www.universalstudios.com
Knott's Berry Farm - Official webpage, 714-220-5200
Six Flags Magic Mountain - Official webpage, 805-255-4111   http://www.sixflags.com
Aquarium of the Pacific - Official webpage   http://www.aquariumofpacific.org
The Birch Aquarium at Scripps  - 70,000 gallon exhibit  858-534-3474   
Balboa Park -
Official Webpage   http://www.balboapark.org
Balboa Park
- by 123SanDiego    http://www.123sandiego.net/attractions/balboa-park.html 
Balboa Park
- by Sunnet  http://www.sannet.gov/park-and-recreation/parks/balboa.shtml
Balboa Park  - by CitySearch   http://sandiego.citysearch.com/feature/48/?cslink=cs_hotels_visitors_1_3
Balboa Park Map
- Links collection to almost all local places, by Carol Mendel 
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center - IMAX films, SciTours Simulation Ride, Space Theater, Exhibits   http://www.rhfleet.org
Old Town
- by San Diego Source  http://www.sddt.com/features/oldtown
Seaport Village - by San Diego Source  http://www.sddt.com/features/harbor/spv/index.html
Seaport Village - by Visit San Diego  http://seaport-village.visit-san-diego.com
Belmont Park - Roller Coaster, Liberty Carousel, Bumper Cars  619-488-1549
San Diego Harbor - by San Diego Source    http://www.sddt.com/features/harbor
Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma - by San Diego Source  http://www.sddt.com/features/harbor/cabrillo/index.html
North Island Naval Air Station - by San Diego Source   http://www.sddt.com/features/harbor/nisland/index.html
Convention Center - by San Diego Source   http://www.sddt.com/features/downtown/center/index.html
Top of the Hyatt - 40 floors above the city's waterfront in the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel  http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?id=91066
Horton Plaza - by San Diego Source   http://www.sddt.com/features/downtown/horton/index.html 
Gaslamp Quarter - Official webpage  http://www.gaslamp.org
Gaslamp Quarter - by San Diego Source   http://www.sddt.com/features/downtown/gaslamp/index.cfm  
Mission San Diego de Alcala  - The first Franciscan mission in California  619-281-8449   http://www.californiamissions.com/cahistory/sandiego.html
Mission San Luis Rey de Francia -  in Oceanside was most popular of California's 21 missions  760-757-3651   http://www.sanluisrey.org    http://www.californiamissions.com/cahistory/sanluisrey.html   http://library.thinkquest.org/3615/mission18.shtml?tqskip1=1&tqtime=0715    http://www.escusd.k12.ca.us/mission_trail/SLRey/SanLuisRey.html      http://missiontour.org/sanluisrey    http://www.123sandiego.net/attractions/mission-san-luis-rey-de-francia.html    http://www.cuca.k12.ca.us/lessons/missions/Luis_Rey/SanLuisReyDeFrancia.html  http://www.earlenesroots.com/missionsanluisrey.html    http://sandiego.travelape.com/attractions/mission-san-luis-rey-de-francia   http://www.militarymuseum.org/CpSanLuisRey.html    http://www.americansouthwest.net/california/missions   http://www.usacitiesonline.com/footstepsofhistory/californiamissions/casanluisreycamissions.htm   http://www.missionart.com/hSLR/p-SLR.html   http://www.maintour.com/socal/ocnside.htm   http://archaeology.parks.ca.gov/cultural/spanmex/ecrm/ecrmmiss.html  http://www.varra.org/village.htm  
California Missions    http://www.californiamissions.com/menu.html    http://archaeology.parks.ca.gov/cultural/spanmex/ecrm/ecrmmiss.html    
Downtown San Diego - by San Diego Source   http://www.sddt.com/features/downtown
Palomar Mountain Observatory - by San Diego Source, 619-742-2119  http://www.sddt.com/features/palomar
Del Mar Fairgrounds  http://www.delmarfair.com
La Jolla Cove and Underwater Marine Reserve  - Swimming, Caves to explore with kayak  
White Water Canyon  - Water Park, 32 acres in Chula Vista  619-426-7275
Pasadena CityCenter's Rose Parade & Rose Bowl Game - All about New Year Parade, maps, extensive info about Pasadena  http://www.citycent.com/CCC/Pasadena/rosparad.htm
Pasadena Rose Parade - Driving directions  Map by Yahoo
Pasadena Rose Tours   http://www.cls-roseparadetours.com
Pasadena Rose Parade - IOOF Rose Parade Floats, pictures gallery archives
Sunset Cliffs - The strip of nature overlooking Pacific Ocean, 300 feet high, 1.5 mile long  http://www.a-zsandiegobeaches.com/sunsetcliffs.htm  
Temecula -
Official webpage.  Taste reds and whites at the local wineries   http://www.ci.temecula.ca.us
Anza - Borego Desert State Park - Wildflowers Bloom in The Desert Depending on rainfall in winter, the natural beauty of the Anza Borrego Desert State Park is enhanced by the almost magical appearance of desert wildflowers in the spring. THE FULL BLOOM IS ONLY FOR TWO TO SIX WEEKS   http://www.anzaborrego.statepark.org
Julian - Official webpage, San Diego's mountain getaway destination  http://www.julianca.com
Quail Botanical Gardens - 30-acre Quail Gardens houses, intriguing plant collections in Encinitas  http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?id=91488
Miramar Air Show - Yearly air show, Oct. 18, 19, 20, 2002     http://www.miramarairshow.com
Tijuana - Przygraniczne miasto po stronie Meksyku    Tijuana, Mexico
San Diego Map - Internet map with local attractions     http://www.carolmendelmaps.com/mapsd

California Parks - Guide to 264 State Parks   http://www.parks.ca.gov
Sports & Recreation in San Diego
-  Bowling Alleys, Climbing Gyms, Parks & Gardens, Snow Sports in Southern California, Hikes & Walks - by CitySearch   http://sandiego.citysearch.com/section/sports_recreation

Aquatic Sports - Hornblower Cruises, Harbor Excursion, Sportfishing  http://www.sdro.com/aquatic.htm
Whale Watching & Nature Trips
- by H&M Landing, sportfishing company  http://www.hmlanding.com
San Diego Harbor Excursion (Whale Watching)    http://caladventures.com/SDHarborWhaleWatch.htm 
Los Peñasquitos Canyon Reserve
- Rancho Peñasquitos & Mira Mesa, semi-wilderness coastal canyon preserve http://www.sdro.com/mira.htm
Scuba Diving     http://www.gottadive.com
Wreck Diving    http://www.wahoo2001.com/wrecks/ussand.htm
Shark Diving - San Diego Waterfront    http://www.sdwaterfront.com/scuba.shtml
Surfing   http://www.surfingsandiego.com/school.shtml
Palmer's Walking Guide to San Diego   http://www.palmersguide.com/sandiego
Ice Skating -
Rinks & Instructions  http://www.sdice.com/main.htm  http://www.icechalet.com/locations/lajollaca.htm
Ice Skating Rinks - by Yellow Pages, 8 places   Skating Rinks
Ice Skating - All places + Horton Plaza in December   http://sandiego.about.com/library/weekly/aa120100a.htm

Event Listing and Submiting - by Reader Magazine   http://www.sdreader.com/ed/calendar/events.html
Free Museum Days  - by CitySearch  http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?id=185200
Half Price Tickets at Arts Tix Booth - Horton Plaza - by CitySearch  http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?fid=10&id=92050 
San Diego Historical Society  - http://www.sandiegohistory.org/index.html
Museums List - by Reader magazine  http://www.sdreader.com/ed/calendar/ev/MUSEUMS.HTM
Children's Museum - fun & educational displays, interractive exhibits, games, familiy activities 619-233-5437
The Spreckels Organ Pavillion at Balboa Park - MIDNIGHT PIPES #MP 9013  http://www.zarex.com/MP9013.html
Spreckels Organ - Spreckels Organ Society  http://www.serve.com/sosorgan
Arts - Theaters, Art, History, Museums by CitySearch   http://sandiego.citysearch.com/section/arts

Festivals in San Diego Area - Event & Celebrations Guide by CitySearch   http://sandiego.citysearch.com/feature/51
Museum of Photografic Arts - Official webpage   http://www.mopa.org
Museum of Arts
- Official Webpage   http://www.sdmart.org
Mingei International Musem
- Official Webpage, 619-239-0003     http://www.mingei.org
California Center for the Arts, Escondido - by CitySearch    http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?fid=10&id=86428
Museum of Contemporary Art - La Jolla
- Official webpage  http://www.mcasandiego.org
Museum of Contemporary Art - La Jolla
- by CitySearch    http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?id=86894
Timken Museum of Art - Balboa Park - by CitySearch    http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?fid=3&id=91236
The Old Globe Theater - in Balboa Park - by Visit San Diego  http://old-globe-theater.visit-san-diego.com
Art Institute - Balboa Park - by CitySearch   http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?fid=3&id=91316
Museum of Men - Balboa Park - by CitySearch  http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?fid=3&id=87064
Museum of Men - Official webpage  http://www.museumofman.org
Natural History Museum - by CitySearch   http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?id=86617
Natural History Museum - Official webpage  http://www.sdnhm.org
Ocean Oasis - Official webpage    http://www.oceanoasis.org/toc.html
Maritime Museum - by CitySearch,    http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?id=86960
Maritime Museum - Official webpage, 619-234-9153    http://www.sdmaritime.com
Marston House - by CitySearch   http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?fid=6&id=91235
San Diego Aerospace Museum - Balboa Park - by CitySearch   http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?fid=3&id=86930
San Diego Aerospace Museum - Balboa Park - Official webpage, 619-234-8291   http://www.aerospacemuseum.org
Automotive Museum - Balboa Park - Official webpage   http://san-diego-automotive-museum.visit-san-diego.com
Automotive Museum - Balboa Park - by CitySearch  http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?fid=3&id=87705
The San Diego Hall of Champions - by CitySearch   http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?fid=3&id=87812
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center - IMAX Dome Theater - by CitySearch   http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?id=86422
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center - IMAX Dome Theater - Official webpage    http://www.rhfleet.org
San Diego Model Railroad Museum - Balboa Park - by CitySearch   http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?fid=3&id=87031
San Diego Railroad Museum - by CitySearch    http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?fid=3&id=89557
Japaneses Friendship Garden Home Page - Official webpage  http://www.niwa.org
Japanese Friendship Garden - by CitySearch  http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile?fid=6&id=92003
House of Pacific Relations International Cottages - by CitySearch   http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile/169908
Palm Springs Arts and Humanities - Museums, Libraries, Societies, Foundations                       http://www.palmspringsmarket.com/arts.html
Junipero Serra Museum - Presidio Park, Old Town, articrafts from Spanish-American historical period, 619-297-3258

Restaurants - by San Diego Online   http://www.sdro.com
Restaurants - by Reader Magazine   http://www.sdreader.com/ed/rr/restcaps.html
Restaurants - by CitySearch    http://sandiego.citysearch.com/section/restaurants
Restaurants - by 123Sandiego   http://www.123sandiego.net/dining.html
Restaurants in Old Town - Bazaar Del Mundo   http://www.bazaardelmundo.com

Tepoznieves - Ice Cream store, unbelievable selection, a must place to go  Tijuana_Ice_Cream.htm

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