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We send letters to Poland often. Do we always remember about children - who collect post stamps? Nice stamps make each letter double attractive. Children quickly notice beautiful stamps...  Author remembers childhood time when family in Canada removed stamps from old letters from Poland - and sent them back to Poland. Among them was King Macius First (Krol Macius Pierwszy), revelation among children at that time.
             Here are some stamps available lately in the USA:

3A.   Great Prairie  (4/2002)                                             3B.   Great Prairie  (4/2002)
4A.   Longleaf Pine Forest  (5/2002)                                4B.   Longleaf Pine Forest   (5/2002)
5A.   All States    (5/2002)                                               5B.   All States   (5/2002)
6.  Military Academy    (5/2002)
10A.   Bugs Bunny & Porky Pig   (3/2002)       10B.   Bugs Bunny & Porky Pig   (3/2002)
11A.  Christmas 2001                         11B.  Christmas 2001

 12.  Bison                                     13.  Antique Toys
PHOTOGRAPHS  1         San Diego - Seasons
PHOTOGRAPHS  2         San Diego - Homes and surroundings
PHOTOGRAPHS  3         San Diego - Attractions
PHOTOGRAPHS  4         San Diego - Pacific Ocean
PHOTOGRAPHS  5         San Diego - Views
PHOTOGRAPHS  6         San Diego - Architecture 
PHOTOGRAPHS  7         San Diego - Mountains
PHOTOGRAPHS  8         San Diego - Mexico, Mexican Border
PHOTOGRAPHS  9         San Diego - Cultural Events
PHOTOGRAPHS  10       USA Stamps

PHOTOGRAPHS  11       San Diego - Postcards
PHOTOGRAPHS  12        San Diego - Flora, Fauna
PHOTOGRAPHS  13        San Diego - Miscellaneous
PHOTOGRAPHS  14        San Diego - Road Traffic
PHOTOGRAPHS  15        San Diego - Restaurants
PHOTOGRAPHS  16       San Diego - Christmas
                                More photos will be added soon. Please visit us again!

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