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Shown here business in San Diego area represents  places where one can hear/speak Polish language or buy Polish - like products & services.

International Market and Deli, 7520 El Cajon Blvd. #301, San Diego, CA 92104, phone 619-697-4848 (3 blocks West of I-805 x El Cajon Blvd).   MAP 
                        Polish specials (from church bulletin, so far in Polish language only)
- Kielbasa zwyczajna $2.99 Lb.             - Kielbasa biala $1.99 Lb.             - Kaszanka $1.99 Lb.
- Salceson bialy $2.99 Lb.                     - Salceson ozorkowy $2.99 Lb.      - Kielbasa wiejska $3.50 Lb.
- Boczek wedzony $3.99 Lb.                  - Baleron $3.50 Lb.                        - Polskie cukierki $1.99

European Deli, 4150 Regent Park Row #10, La Jolla, San Diego, CA 92037, phone. 1 858 623 0099 (1 block North of  La Jolla Village Dr, 1 block West of Genesee Ave).  You can buy such specials like Polski Chrzan or true "Poledwica". Many brands of sweets, specially chocolates  with some sort of Russian labels. Giantic selection of  newspapers somewhat looking like from East of Bug?   MAP

North Park Produce, 12342 Poway Road, San Diego, CA 92128, phone 858-391-9100 (located at Poway Road  x  Pomerado Road). The best prices for grocery stores in San Diego and region, specially very cheap veggies. One may hear Arabic melodies here, most of store workers likely come from Arabic countries. They have a great selection of Halva from Greece, Turkey, Italy, Israel and other countries, also Polish Ptasie Mleczko, (although this is no longer the same high quality, "all natural" product author knows from Poland in 1985), Polish Jam, Tort waffles (produced in Croatia?), occasionally Torcik Wedla, and many other Polish - like specials. They have tremendous selection of rice brands from many countries, including brown rice.  They have very reasonable tomatoes, that even smell tomatoes! Tomatoes in California are usually horrible, with bad taste, no smell, extremely little juice, low quality,  picked before maturity and treated with gases to get red color, and of course they are genetic mutants treated with huge amount of chemicals in order to promote fast, insect free growth. So tomatoes here are surprisingly better than on average in San Diego, at 1/2 or even 1/3 of local prices.  They had radishes at $1 for 6 packages before Christmas 2002, while at the same time food stores charged $1 for 2 or $1 for 3 packages. This is obviously a favorite store for foreigners in San Diego, including Polish society - while about 80% of buyers come from Oriental countries.  MAP on Yahoo shows store location with some error, but crossing streets are shown well.

Trader Joe's - Food store with European articles like sweets, cheese and more. You may hear Polish language here. They have  Bread & Rolls of hard consistence, their "Aunthentic Italian Bread"  is probably the closest to Polish bread as can be found in the USA, besides Polish centers like Chicago, New York. They sell "organic - cage free - no hormones - no antibiotics - no chemicals" eggs and milk, also frozen wild blueberries.  They have a few stores in San Diego, including one in La Jolla, near Mormon Church and I-15.  This store usually does not have bakery afternoon, as it is sold quickly. Another store in Poway ( at 11955 Carmel Mountain Road #702, San Diego 92128, tel. 858-673-0526 near I-15) offers bakery of much better quality, selection and availability. General phone 800-746-7857,

Globus Travel Inc. - 5430 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #A, San Diego, CA 92117,  858-496-0796, 877-9GLOBUS, fax 858-496-0799  (1 block West of I-805 x Clairemont Mesa Blvd).,    MAP

Pol-Mar Trading Travel Service   6690 Mission Gorge Rd. #J, San Diego, CA 92120, 619-563-0093, 800-439-3811 (2 blocks? North of Mission Gorge Rd x Friars Rd). Cheapest airline tickets, tours, parcels, sending money, translation, notaries service, Polish newspapers, films, books.   MAP

Polish Art Center - Treasury of Polish Heritage.  An importer and distributor of items from Poland including: language books, travel guides, maps, greeting cards, flags, Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments, Oplatki (Christmas Wafers), folk dolls, Polish made Barbie style dolls, folklore, amber jewelry, wood carvings, art posters, Boleslawiec stoneware, Koledy items, dance costumes, paper cut-outs, wycinanki, compact discs and cassettes, Polish pisanki, Ukrainian pysanky kits, Polish mushrooms, food items, cookbooks, medieval amulets, egg art. Address:  9539 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck, MI 48212, USA    MAP   Directions
Polish Food Articles - Stores across the USA, detailed list, addresses, phones
Euro Gourmet - European Specialty Foods on the Web, 943 McDonald Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218

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