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Tijuana is the most visited city in the world. It is a shopper's paradise, home to JAI ALAI, the bullfights, 20 minutes from San Diego downtown and with 24 hours a day open border. Customs allow you to bring back $400 worth of incidental purchases duty-free, including 1 liter of alcohol per adult. US citizens can enter Mexico for 72 hours without a passport or visa. Polish citizens can enter Mexico with Polish Passport. Single parent with children may be required spouse permission to let children pass the border.
Map of Tijuana Center - with marked many attractive places & border detail   Tijuana Map jpg 152 kB
Tepoznieves - Ice Cream store, unbelievable selection, natural ingredients, a must place to go  Tijuana_Ice_Cream.htm
Sanborn's Cafe in Tijuana - You must try their coffee, otherwise you have not been in Mexico. One of their locations is near the border. It can be seen on right side when coming back to the border, about a few minutes before reaching the border. Please see Tijuana map or find this cafe near the North-West corner  8-th St  x  Revolution Ave. 688-1462

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